Past Events

 Circus of the Strangely Beautiful: Feral Apocalypse
Friday, September 22, 2017

Another event with the amazing Harley Page at her feral apocalypse themed burlesque and contortionist party.  I got to roam the crowd and entertain during breaks and intermissions.   It’s always fun to be where I get to watch other talented people do what they do best!

Saturday, September 14 – 17, 2017

Although it wasn’t at the typical location this year, I had a great time hula hooping for various artists throughout the festival.  It was cold at night but the party still went on and the dancing kept us warm.

July 15, 2017

An electronic music barn party during the Calgary Stampede. This was a fundraiser to promote the skate park being built at the Artical Ranch.  I helped open the party and get people grooving.

Electrodeo Cover.jpg

Grid Division
June16, 2017

Go-Go Dancing Hula Hoopers! Had an absolute blast at this one, dancing the night away for various DJs as they opened for California based Grid Division.

Grid Division2.jpg

Red Deer Toyota Funk Party
May 11, 2017

Drove out to Red Deer to be Go-Go Dancing Hula Hoopers at the Toyota launch party for their new vehicle the CH-R.


Canadian Juggalo Weekend
 April 7 – 8, 2017

Hired as part of the Circus Talent, this was a very fun experience! Two days of roaming the crowds, keeping up the hype.



Secrets Got Talent
March 15, 2017

This was more of a vacation that I took and happened to have my hula hoops with me. I took part in their “talent show” on stage and won the competition. My prize? Three free nights during my next stay! Video was shot by a friend, who I am forever grateful of!

Secrets Got Talent – Watch the Video!


Relay for Life
June 21, 2014

Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  I attended this event to show off the LED hoop, followed by a teaching session.

Behind The Curtain
June 21, 2014

A hula hoop and modeling performance for the amazing work done by Personalize It Fashion during their runway show at the Telus Convension Center.

ONE – Colors of World Dance
May 31, 2014

Performing on stage with Firestorm at the Jubilee during a charity event to raise money for the SCOPE Society.  There were amazing dance performances of all forms and such amazing talent.

Watch the full performance here!

Beakerhead – BassBus
September 14, 2013

Performing with FireStorm – fire hooping for Beakerhead at the BassBus.  There was fire hoop, fire poi, fire contact juggling and more. What a great and fun time we had!

During the breaks between FireStorm a friend and I decided to take up the opportunity to use our LED hoops:


FUSED 2 – The Official Calgary Pride Wrap Up Party
September 1, 2013

A hula hooping performance with a friend of mine during a fashion show.  First performance together and it was a blast!


Calgary Pride Parade
September 1, 2013

Hula hooping in yet another parade with FireStorm! (Around 4:00)

Watch the video!

Shambhala 2013
August 9, 2013

At Shambhala this year I was approached seperately by both Logan Hart and DJ Hoola Hoop to dance on stage.  The first was at Pagoda at 5pm and the second was during DJ Czech’s set in the Living Room later that night.  The amazing thing about this, is that it is DJ Czech that brought me into the world of Electronic Music, which ultimately led to my life of hula hooping.  I cannot tell you how amazing this experience was for me.

Calgary 4th Street Lilac Festival  2013
May 26, 2013

My very first parade! This was a LOT of fun (I’m with Fire Storm at 0:22 to 0:55):

Calgary Health Show 2013
March 24, 2013

Back by popular demand I was able to attend the Calgary Health show once more with FlowArtz to increase awareness of prop arts.  We had a bigger and better space than last year too!

Health Show 2013

Make Fashion Gala and Runway Show
January 25, 2013

I helped get things started at the first ever Make Fashion Gala and Runway Show with two of the beautiful La Gogue Inc. dancers.

Make Fashion Gala Make Fashion Gala Make Fashion Gala Make Fashion Gala

The High Voltage Variety Hour
November 14, 2012

An event that happens once a month, put on by the amazing Ivy Voltage.  Every month she brings in new, amazing talent to perform to a crowd at Quincy’s.  If you ever have your middle-of-the-month Wednesday free, this is definitely somewhere to find amazing, raw talent.

Taboo – Naughty but Nice Show 2012
November 8 – 11, 2012

As a roaming entertainer I was able to browse the shops and meet people all while stopping every now and again to show off my mad hooping skills.  I had an absolutely amazing time and met many other spinners from Alberta.  Every now and again I would have crowds of people surrounding me, taking pictures, video or just stopping for a quick look. Hope to be back next year!

Shambhala 2012 – Pagoda Stage
August 10, 2012

I was approached by DJ Futa this year at Shambhala and asked to hula hoop during his set at the Pagoda stage.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and was able to get this short video of myself in action.  It was 30 degrees outside so I was unable to hoop for a long period of time but wow did I ever enjoy myself!

Light and Motion Festival 4
August 4, 2012

I tought a beginners hula hoop workshop and an intermediate workshop at the 4th annual Light and Motion Festival this year.  I had a lot of fun teaching those who are new to using a hula hoop as a prop, and enjoyed teaching those who already knew the basics.  I was told that I even taught a few tricks that people had never seen before! What a great experience. I’m very happy to have been able to be there.

Sundre Saloon Glow Party
July 28, 2012

Definitely a different experience.  I worked with Fox Island Collective and his regular Go-Go girl Jynx Jessica and brought glow hooping to small town Alberta.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what pictures show up!

FozzyFest 2012 ( – Hula Hoop Workshop
Canada Day Long Weekend 2012

The music was loud, the people were amazing, and we all learned somthing new! This was a much less formal workshop than I’m used to, but I was able to teach a few hoopers some new tricks to add to their repetoire.  Check out the gallery for pictures of the event!

Parks Foundation Calgary ( Walk With Us Festival
Friday, June 22, 2012

From 10am to 2pm we were outside celebrating another section of the Calgary Greenway COMPLETED! Tons of kids and their teachers and/or family members came out to enjoy the weather with us.  We had kids, kids, more kids and even some adults give hula hooping a try.  I had an amazing time, and hope to have another great opportunity like that again in the future.  I will post pictures as they become available.

Calgary Health Show
March 16 & 17, 2012

I was the Calgary Health Show on March 16th from 11am to 5pm with Flow Artz to promote the benefits of fitness with props (did you know that one half hour of hooping burns 250 calories?? That’s about the same as that chocolate bar you’ve been eyeing up).

Watch the video!


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