Rockstar Hoops (Polypro)

Rockstar Taped Hula Hoops

Non-collapsible ($30) and collapsible ($40) taped hoops with polypro tubing:


Triple blend taped non-collapsible ($35) and collapsible ($45) hoops with polypro tubing:

hg_rockstar_triple_4part_a hg_rockstar_triple_a

Tape “Free” Polypro Hula Hoops

Perfect for festival season and for those of you who don’t like to pay to have your hoop touched up every few months.

All hoops seen here are $20 for non-collapsible and $30 for collapsible:

 Ninja hoops - PolyPro - double Helix Double Helix     Ninja hoops - PolyPro - swirl  Swirl      Ninja hoops - PolyPro - simple grip Simple Grip


hg_polypro_black_s_all2_s                            hg_polypro_collabsible_b
Black Polypro Tubing with Swirl design               Collapsible Black Polypro Tubing


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